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  • Space Wars
    Starting:18 October 2019
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    150 Minutes
    An evil Warlord. A brave Jebi. The universe is in danger, again. West of the Great Divide, on the banks of the Macintyre, in a universe far, far away, the devious dictator Dirth Varder plans her retirement. She’s burnt out from a life-time of evil deeds and dreams of a little more ‘me-time’. With the desire of reaching a healthy work-life balance, she takes on an intern who’s thirst for power unexpectedly changes everything. The universes only hope, and Dirth’s sworn enemy, becomes the brave and fierce Luca Walker. To conquer the galaxy’s evil and save the day she must overcome the odds and learn the ways of the Jebi. You are invited to the Goondiwindi Cinema and Theatre to witness the war between good and evil, the battle of right and wrong, the struggle of bad dance move against equally bad dance move. Starring Goondiwindi’s top talents, this star-studded show will not disappoint. Featuring an original script, your favourite songs and some surprising cameo appearances, you’ll leave feeling funky and footloose. Don’t miss out!

    Friday 18 October

    Saturday 19 October